Increase value – control moisture

Instant moisture measurement using latest microwave technology. Low power, high frequency and fixed volume Integration to processing factory control and networks.

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Moisture control system integration

Achieve uniform pellet dryness, improved conditioning, water adsorption and better pellet quality. Optimization of energy consumption.

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Intelscan is a high-technology company that supplies advanced microwave sensors for on-line moisture measurement and control for a wide range of applications. Founded in the year 2000, Intelscan is leading the field of microwave technology for on-line moisture control.
Optimizing moisture content in animal feed is very important from an economic point of view. It is also very important to maintain the correct feed quality. Explore here the possibilities to reduce cost of raw material and how to increase profit with enhanced moisture control.
With the iScan on-line moisture sensor the moisture content is instantly analyzed and displayed so control can be greatly improved. Measuring the moisture content after dryer improves both control of the drying process, saves energy use, quality and operational profit.
"Measuring moisture content with Intelscan immediately improves our efficiency in our grain and feed processing." Mr. Stig Fagerli, Process Engineer, FKRA, Stavanger, Norway