Corn and grain

Cost of acid treatment of grain halved with Intelscan moisture control.

Felleskjøpet Rogaland Agder [FKRA] is one of Norway´s leading supplier of animal feed. At its feed production plant in Stavanger, over 350.000 tons of feed are produced each year. 7.500 tons of grain are treated with acid to increase storage time. Recently, FKRA decided to utilize Intelscan on-line moisture measurement to optimize its acid treatment for grain. The aim was to reduce the high cost of the acid by accurately measure the moisture content in the grain.

Cut cost in half

“We saved the cost of the Intelscan instrument in under 2 weeks. Previously we needed to add 6 litres per ton grain. Now, when we are able to trust the moisture measurement, we have been able to go down to a medium of 3 litres per ton,” explains Mr. Stig Fagerli, process engineer at FKRA in Stavanger.



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