Pet food & fish feed

Moisture measurement for pet food and fish feed processing

Operators in pet food and fish feed process are used to manually taking samples from production and analyzing the moisture content in laboratory. This gives a moisture value that can take from 5 minutes to few hours to obtain, depending on method. Good news is that the operator then knows exactly what the moisture content of the product is after the dryer.  Bad news is that this information arrives too late to be able to do anything about it. If the raw material is too wet or too dry as it enters the dryer – the final moisture content can fluctuate by as much as 3%


Sample-taking is both time-consuming, labor intensive and is not a great help to level the end moisture content to the desired target.  With the iScan on-line moisture sensor the moisture content is instantly analyzed and displayed so control can be greatly improved. Measuring the moisture content after dryer improves both control of the drying process, saves energy use, quality and operational profit.


The iScan moisture scanner is installed after dryer, inside a silo, holding bin, buffer, or above a non-metallic conveyor belt

The sensor can also be installed inside a cooler, giving the operator a complete overview of the process, in real time, for improved control of final pellet moisture content.



Main benefits of moisture measurement for pet food and fish feed processing

  • Increased quality products with more homogeneous moisture content
  • Better oil absorption
  • Reduced risk of claims
  • Reduced fluctuations of moisture content ensures higher profit and less energy cost.


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