Wood pellets

Moisture measurement for wood pellets

Over-drying sawdust equals higher energy consumption and less quantity to sell. If, on the other hand, the product is too wet, the capacity of the pellet mill is affected since the pellet process is delayed until optimal moisture level is achieved.

To solve this, Intelscan is offering on-line moisture sensors that measures the moisture content both before and after the dryer. This greatly improves control of the drying process.

Wood pellet moisture control


25% production increase

8 tons of sawdust are processed per hour in the dryer at Pemco Trepellets, in Brummunddal, Norway. The wet product input has 14-20% moisture content. Upon exit it is reduced to 10-11%. “With improved moisture control, fluctuations of moisture content has been reduced – meaning more consistent dryer output. This has meant a production increase by 25%,” explains Mr. Lars Gunnar Haug, dryer operator at Pemco Trepellets.

Wood pellets production increase




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