iScan silo

iScan Silo Moisture Sensor

The iScan silo microwave moisture measurement sensor instantly measures moisture content in products inside silo/holding bin/buffer. The result is immediately available to the factory PC.

Intelscan Online Moisture SensorIntelscan Silo Moisture Sensor


The iScan silo moisture system consists of three parts:

1) The sensor unit (iScan).
2) Control cabinet that communicates over Ethernet
3) AquaSmart software that runs on PC

iScan system setup

The Control cabinet is a robust and a reliable signal processing unit that is made for harsh industrial environment.

Standard 4-20mA output is available. and several inputs for other sensors such as air humidity sensors or level sensors.

Ethernet connection from the Control Cabinet enables communication with the factory control system. Remote access to the system for servicing or upgrades is therefore possible.

Main features:

• Easy to operate: in many cases only one to four calibrations are needed.
• Not sensitive to colour changes
• Not influenced by dust or humidity
• Measures bulk moisture, not just surface moisture (as opposed to NIR)
• Low maintenance, no moving parts, high quality components


Accuracy: In optimal condition, +/- 0,5% or better, compared to standard dry oven method
Density accuracy: +/- 15g/l
Measurement range: 5-15% moisture content
Measurement update : 1-30 seconds (adjustable)
Calibration settings stored: Unlimited
Network: Ethernet connectivity
Output: Industry standard 4-20mA available
Data storage: Anywhere remotely with a network connection
Sensor size: 210 x 300 x 250cm (WxLxH).
Control cabin size: 210 x 380 x 380mm (WxLxH)
Weight of Sensor and Control cabin: 12kg
Cable distance: 2 meters between sensor and control cabin.
Power consumption: 5W
Electrical: 110-240V, single phase 2A supply
Microwave output power: <200mW
Microwave field strength: At 8 GHz: <0.056V/m


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