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Intelscan gives lecture to the Society of Feed Technologists in the UK

Recognizing the successful solution from Intelscan for optimization of moisture content in feed, Intelscan had the honor of being invited to participate in the latest seminar at the Society of Feed Technologists in UK. “Optimizing moisture content in feed is very important from an economic point of view. It is also shown that correct moisture improves feed quality,“ explains Olafur H. Jonsson from Intelscan.



Bühler selects Intelscan

Swiss-based company, Bühler, recently signed a contract with Intelscan, for a supply of online moisture control systems to be installed at a large feed producer later this year. Intelscan will supply 16 iScan sensors along with the AquaSmart software. „We are thrilled to work with Buhler who is a leader in the supply of equipment for the animal feed industry,” says Auðun Georg Ólafsson, director of sales and marketing at Intelscan. “We are also grateful for this opportunity to work with producers on a large scale to minimize waste and to optimize the quality of their products. The co-operation with Buhler is recognition of years of development work that we have put into making the sensor accurate and reliable”. Intelscan has been supplying moisture sensors for animal feed production for several years. In addition, the company also provides software (the AquaSmart software) to optimize the water dosing process to ensure the optimum product quality. The proven concept of measuring moisture content in feed during mixing and cooling stages has meant a dramatic increase in both revenue and product quality among Intelscan’s customers. Bühler is a specialist and technology partner for plant and equipment and related services for processing basic foods and manufacturing high-grade materials. The Group is a global market leader in the supply of flour production plants, pasta and chocolate production lines, animal feed manufacturing installations, and aluminum die casting systems. See further:



Potato starch moisture sensor now available

Intelscan is now offering a new on-line moisture sensor for Potato starch- and powder products. When the target is to have as close to consistent moisture content in the finished product, Intelscan has the right solution for measurement and control of water addition. The main benefits of having continous moisture control for potato starch include; no more costly over-drying, optimized end-product quality and reduced risk by detecting abnormalities immediately.



Intelscan at Victam exhibition

Hundreds of visitors came to the Intelscan booth at the recent Victam exhibition to see the new and revolutionary AquaSmart moisture control system in action.

The AquaSmart software calculates and controls water dosing into feed mix, based on measurement of moisture from iScan moisture sensors and other factory parameters.
The Victam exhibition is the world´s largest event for the production and processing of animal feed, dry petfood, aquafeed and biomass products.



New version of the iScan moisture sensor introduced

A new version of the iScan moisture sensor will be introduced at the Victam International exhibition in Cologne, Germany, from May 3d – 5th. The new version answers strict demands from customers for increased reliability, robust design and highest industrial standards. With new and improved WAGO analogue digital converter, which is used in high vibration industrial environments such as in ships and trains, the new version of the iScan moisture sensor is able to meet toughest demands. The operation of the sensor can now be controlled directly with a PC in the control room. Robust and reliable Ethernet connection enables remote control of the sensor and secures better service.

Furthermore, the new version offers almost unlimited flexibility in communicating with existing control systems in any factory environment. When needed, automatic switching of calibrations to ensure optimum performance, is now a reality.

The new iScan moisture sensor will be introduced at the Victam International Exhibition in Cologne, Germany, from May 3d – 5th at booth E044.



Kiev Atlantic in Ukraine goes for moisture control

Kiev Atlantic, one of the largest producers of animal feed in Ukraine, recently installed the Intelscan on-line moisture control system. Using a patented microwave method, the feed is continually measured for moisture after mixing and also the final feed pellets are measured inside the cooler.

Intelscan customer reference
Mr. Daniel, Mrs. Tamara and Mr. David Sweere, owners of Kiev Atlantic Ukraine

AquaSmart software calculates the necessary process parameters so that consistent level of moisture content is obtained in the feed.

„We produce 60.000 tons each year and we are very satisfied with the Intelscan system because it gives us the control to improve the quality of the feed pellets,“ explains Mr. Mike Swanson, Production Director at Kiev Atlantic Ukraine.

For further information about the on-line moisture control system for animal feed, click here.



New agent in South-Korea

Intelscan is pleased to announce a co-operation partnership with the company Reentec in South-Korea. Reentec has a well-known reputation in the Korean market for its sludge reduction system for municipal waste water treatment and Sepa dryer concept. The company delivers several municipalties new advanced sludge dryer for electric energy saving as well as to match future needs based on CO2 reduction. „On-line moisture measurement is one of the key ways to reduce energy costs and improve performance,and we expect good application for real time measurement of sludge moisture and system control“ explains Mr. Eun Man Cho, Managing Director at Reentec. „Intelscan has achieved interesting results within Animal Feed, Pet Food and Fish Feed sectors, to name just a few, and we are very pleased to offer this solution to the Korean market.“
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Fodurblandan animal feed plant now with full moisture control

Fully automatic moisture control is now possible at Fodurblandan, in Reykjavik, Iceland, thanks to the iScan on-line moisture sensors from Intelscan and the new AquaSmart sofware. The product batch is continually measured for moisture content after mixer. Information is sent to the AquaSmart software that is integrated into the factory control. The software calculates automatic water addition, to be added to the batch, if it is needed to stay on the desired level. After pelletizing, the product is again measured for moisture inside the cooler, enabling a full “closed-loop,” moisture control. Mr. Jon Kristinsson, Production manager at Fodurblandan feed mill explains that Intelscan enables production of consistent target moisture level. “This improves our quality, profits and keeps our customers satisfied. The system from Intelscan has paid for itself many times over,” explains Mr. Kristinsson.



Measurement of density and moisture now a possibility after extrusion / before dryer.

The newly enhanced on-line microwave moisture measurement system from Intelscan and the new Bulk Density System from Source Technology has been released. Following extensive trials, the combined system enables manufacturers, for the first time, to accurately and automatically measure density and moisture after extrusion in real time.

The system offers a density accuracy of +/- 5g and moisture accuracy of +/- 0,5%.

“This means that feed manufacturers can now control their drying process much better than ever before,” explains Olafur H. Jonsson, Managing Director of Intelscan. “Immediately knowing the moisture content and the density of the product, as it exits the extrusion process, is the key to secure stable operation on a fixed target moisture.”



Intelscan at FoodTech India with Cimbria

Intelscan shared a booth with Cimbria at the latest International FoodTech India 2008. The exhibition attracted visitors from all over the region in major sectors of food processing industries.

The objective of the event was to provide a common platform to four pillars of the industry namely, processing & packaging, food ingredients, beverage technologies, cooling & refrigeration; to showcase their products and services to the targeted audience.

Held in May, 2008, the 3 day exhibition showcased the status of the ‘Agrifood Businees’ in terms of technology, market knowledge and advancements in the processing, milling and pacakging of foods.



Intelscan at the Interpellets fair

The Interpellets trade fair is the central platform for the wood pellets industry. Over 150 exhibitors present their products and services on exhibition grounds covering 7,000sqm. This year, around 6,000 trade visitors attended the exhibition.

Wood pellet production is booming in Europe and many processing companies are expanding their operation. Monitoring moisture on-line and in real time during the drying process is critical for product stability and energy savings. Introducing the iScan silo solution that was recently installed with Cimbria at Statoil Trepellets in Norway, Intelscan was very well received by this growing market.



25% increase of wood pellet production with on-line moisture measurement from Intelscan

Statoil, the largest petroleum company in the Nordic countries, recently installed a dryer from Cimbria equipped with two Intelscan moisture sensors, for its wood-pellet production in Brummunddal, Norway. The target of the project was to minimize moisture fluctuations and to secure better quality.

8 tons of sawdust runs through the dryer each hour before being sent to the pelletizing process. Moisture is continuously measured both as wet product enters the dryer (14-20% moisture content) and as it exits it (10-11% in moisture). This enables the operator a complete real-time overview of the moisture fluctuations during different stages of the drying process.

“We now have a very accurate reading of the moisture content and we are therefore able to dry the product to more optimal level,” explains Mr. Lars Gunnar Haug, dryer operator at Statoil Trepellets. “To make the best quality wood pellets we need to dry the sawdust to 10-11% in moisture.” If the sawdust is too dry then the operators are using too much expensive energy. If, however, the sawdust is too wet then the capacity of the pellet mill is affected, since the product will need to stay for a longer time in the pellet process for the optimal moisture level. “With the Cimbria dryer equipped with Intelscan on-line moisture measurement system, we are able to reduce moisture fluctuations which enable us to increase pellet production by 25%,” explains Mr. Lars Gunnar Haug, dryer operator at Statoil Trepellets.



Intelscan identifies section of the drying process

United Pet Food in Belgium optimizes end product quality and production efficiency by using Intelscan on-line moisture sensor system. “In our production line, the Intelscan sensor is installed after the Geelen dryer, and is performing exceptionally well,” explains Mr. Patrick Fernagut, factory manager at United Petfood.

“Before we installed the sensor we sometimes received complaints that our petfood contained too much water. We therefore often needed to re-process some of our product. It was obvious that we needed a better tool to control our drying process. With the Intelscan equipment we were able to identify the section of the drying process that needed to be improved in order to secure a more uniform moisture content of the product.”



Record year for Intelscan

Not a drop of water can be wasted in today’s business climate. In 2008, processing companies in various fields put more emphasis on raw material cost savings and product optimization. Water content measurement in real time is one of the key factors that can, simply stated, make the difference between loss and profit at the end of the year.

2008 saw a high rise in revenues for Intelscan with increased demands from various sectors; in particular within animal feed and grain processing. With sales to Europe, North-America and South-Africa, our network of partners- and distributors rapidly grew so we can service our clients in the best professional manner.

The outlook for 2009 is very promising with new possibilities and challenges.

We wish all our clients, partners and friends a happy New Year.



Cut cost by almost € 30.000 in under 2 weeks!

Felleskjøpet Rogaland Agder [FKRA] is one of Norway’s leading supplier of animal feed. At its feed production plant in Stavanger, over 350.000 tons of feed are produced each year. 7.500 tons of grain are treated with acid to increase storage time.

“We saved the cost of the Intelscan instrument in under 2 weeks. Previously we needed to add 6 litres per ton grain. Now, when we are able to trust the moisture measurement, we have been able to go down to a medium of 3 litres per ton.” Mr. Stig Fagerli, process engineer, FKRA Norway.

Recently, FKRA decided to utilize Intelscan on-line moisture measurement to optimize its acid treatment for grain. The aim was to reduce the high cost of the acid by accurately measure the moisture content in the grain.

FKRA Case Study:
Grain to acid treat = 7.500 tons.
Price of prop ionic acid = € 1,3 per litre

6 liters of prop ionic acid was needed per ton
x € 1,3
= € 7,8
x 7.500 tons
Cost = € 58.500

3 litres of prop ionic acid are needed per ton
x € 1,3
= € 3,9
x 7.500 tons
Cost = € 29.250



Intelscan and Cimrbria join forces

Intelscan recently formed a strategic alliance with Cimbria, one of the world´s leading companies in total solutions for feed, grain and corn processing. “We had looked into other suppliers of on line moisture measurement before we came across Intelscan,” says Mr. Niels Christensen, General Sales Manager at Cimbria Manufacturing A/S. “Our customers frequently ask us to provide them with automatic and instant detection of moisture content – which we are happy to be able to supply them with from now on.”

To stay on top with new development and to maintain a customer base that include leading brand names in feed, grain and corn processing, Cimbria has to be able to offer new technical innovations. The aim is always to improve; to optimize, save energy and achieve consistent quality.

“Measuring moisture on line in real time is one of the key areas where this is possible and we are happy to start our joint forces with Intelscan,” says Mr.Christensen.

For further information about Cimbria, please visit their website at:



Grandi measures moisture in fish meal

Iceland’s leading fish processing company, HB Grandi, recently purchased 2 iScan systems for on line moisture measurement of fish meal in factories at Vopnarfjordur and Akranes. The measurement takes place after the exit of dryers, between two screw conveyors.

„It is of great importance to be able to view the moisture content in real time. We can use that information for example for traceability. Our buyers of fish meal can now see how even the moisture content has been kept during processing. Now we can show that in real time – as the processing is being done – which we could not do before,” explains Mr. Sveinbjörn Sigmundsson, plant manager at HB Grandi Vopnafjordur.

Recently, iScan was installed at an animal feed plant in the UK. Utilizing control system from the company DSL, the measurements of iScan were used to control the mixing process.

From a 10 day production, asking for an average level of 13.7% moisture, it was found that added 0.4% moisture, on average, was required to achieve the formulated level for the finished product.

During the 10 day production period, 2,524 tones of feed was produced, out of which an extra 9.56 tones of liquid was included.



DSL to represent Intelscan in the UK

With rising demand from the animal feed industry of immediate, reliable on line moisture measurement system, Intelscan recently teamed up with the company DSL.

Based in Nottingham, UK, DSL has close to 30 year experience of providing control solutions to the animal feed industry and other industries. Initially DSL provided software solutions but for the past 10 years has been providing complete systems; hardware, software, electrical panels, design, installation, calibration and service to various industries.

“This alliance will allow our customers to maximize full potential of moisture control, with Intelscan providing moisture measurements and DSL providing control systems” explains Mr. Olafur H. Jonsson, Managing Director of Intelscan.

Both companies have been selected at the Victam feed exhibition as leaders in their field of technological innovation.



Intelscan at the Victam exhibition

The Victam International exhibition is the premier exhibition for the animal and aquatic feed, petfood, flour milling and grain processing industries. At a recent Victam exhibition, held in Utrecht, Holland, Intelscan was voted as one of the top 5 most innovative companies that offer real solution to these industries. Click here for further information about the Victam awards.

Recognized for innovation for its revolutionary online microwave method to detect moisture and density in products, Intelscan received high interest at the exhibition.
Fish meal moisture measurement between two screw conveyors is now possible with a combined solution from Intelscan, Hedinn and Elrun. Intelscan has already delivered online solutions of moisture measurement for some of leading fish meal producers in Iceland.

With a combined solution from Hedinn and Elrun, the Intelscan system can now be fully integrated to the screw conveyor process. Information of moisture content is transmitted in real time to factory control that can immediately respond to any fluctuations of moisture content.



Veronesi fish feed in Italy selects Intelscan

Better control of the drying process allows much improvement of yields, quality and overall processing performance.  Veronesi produces over 2.3 million tones of feed per year in 7 feed-mills highly automated, based in the chief zoo-technical regions of Italy and is the 1st feed manufacturer with a domestic market share of 20%.

In its plant of fish feed, with a daily production of 50 tons, Veronesi, recently installed the iScan silo version.

In order to maximize profits, a reliable method of moisture measurement is needed and after a careful consideration of available options, Veronesi choose the Intelscan solution.

“We are very pleased with the performance of the Intelscan Moisture Measurement that allows us to minimize the risk of claim by securing better oil absorption in our products,” explains Dr. Paolo Gelmini, Quality assurance Director at Veronesi.



JHS in Grimsby measures moisture in dry fish with Intelscan

Automation is vital in the processing of dried fish at JHS in Grimsby. The plant, that processes high quality products, is the most advanced factory in this industry.

“We bought the Intelscan solution when we were operating in Iceland, and we are extremely happy with the reliability and the performance of Intelscan,” says Mr. Stefan Jonsson, one of the owners of JHS.
Following a successful co-operation with some of the world´s leading brand names within the pet food processing industry, the Intelscan solution is now being installed in UK, Germany and in Cyprus.

Measurement of moisture in products can dramatically effect bottom line, improve quality, achieve target moisture level and save energy.

Without any on-line moisture control, processors know that drying product too much can result in more energy spend and less quantity of product to sell. Drying to little can mean damaged, too wet, product.

This is something that processors of extruded, dried pet food products are very well aware of. Therefore, a reliable, on-line moisture measurement is vital to their operation.

Currently, Intelscan is being installed in pet food plants in UK, Germany and in Cyprus where the aim is to reduce moisture fluctuations in the product, achieve target moisture, reach consistent quality, reduce energy cost and save time.



Intelscan well received in Denmark

Intelscan recently participated in the Automatic exhibition, which was held in Brondby, Denmark. The exhibition was primarily geared towards the Danish industry sectors that use automation to optimize their process. Intelscan introduced its Laboratory version at the exhibition, that can immediately display moisture content for the material being analysed. Seminar about Intelscan unique double transmission reflector technology was also well received by some of Denmark’s leading companies in the field of candy and tobacco processing. Before, and during, the Automatic exhibition the leading processing magazines in Denmark, carried articles about the unique features and benefits about Intelscan technology.



iScan pipe released

Following a successful installation at a dairy plant in Iceland, Intelscan has now officially released its iScan pipe version that can detect moisture, or dry substances, in various products that flow inside a pipe.

In a typical dairy processing it is vital to stay on a target moisture level so that no product goes to a lower degree category or waste. The iScan pipe facilitates consistent quality of the product, maximizes the yield and minimizes the energy cost of the operation.



Toms selects Intelscan

Toms Gruppen the well known manufacturer of Anthon Berg and other high-quality confectionary items, has chosen iScan to analyze moisture in their marzipan production.

Located in Denmark, Toms employs 1,200 – 1,700 employees depending on season and annually produces 50,000 tons of chocolate and sugar confectionery.

The company was previously using Near Infrared (NIR) to perform the measurement of moisture inside the laboratory, but that technology has now been put aside for the immediate microwave analysis by Intelscan.



iScan is crucial for Lysi

Lysi hf in Thorlakshofn, Iceland, improves production of dried fish by securing accurate moisture content with the iScan.

Production of dried fish in bales is extremely demanding process where all stages of production needs to be controlled at high precision. Humidity is a major factor because if the product is dried too much, it becomes too light (less value) and more energy is spent on the production. If one bale with too high moisture content is allowed in the transport container, whole containers load can be lost due to mold in just couple of weeks

“Before we installed the iScan, we used to get claims from our customers. We would loose whole containers that we exported, worth quite a lot of money for us, because the product would have too much water content inside it,” explains Mr. Kjartan Olafsson, plant manager at Lysi ehf in Thorlakshofn, Iceland.

“The iScan works extremely well for us and we really consider the measurement by the device as crucial for our production. The iScan gives us the correct result. Before, we used to get claims from our customers but now we register every day the average moisture content of each bale with our iScan. Today, we use the iScan as a safety device against possible claim and we are therefore secure that our product is within the set target moisture content when leaving our facility.

In my opinion, the main benefit of the iScan is that if we receive a claim from our customer that our product is not within a certain moisture percentage then we can easily spot that in our registration that we do by using the iScan. We could not have done that before,” explains Mr. Olafsson at Lysi ehf.



Nestlé chooses Intelscan

After a successful trial and evaluation period, Nestlé Research Center ( has decided to work with Intelscan and ordered an iScan for their site at Lausanne in Switzerland.

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