Intelscan customers

“After searching for 20 years for reliable means of measuring moisture, temperature and density of I’Ansons products, Intelscan have come up with the solution for feed manufacturers. Combined with our DSL control we now have an instant and continuous display of the quality of the finished product and the Intelscan unit is now an integral part of our quality system.”
Mr. Chris I’Anson, Chairman. I’Ansons Bros Ltd. UK.


Intelscan customer

“Intelscan allows us to produce on a consistent target moisture level. This improves quality, profits and keeps our customers satisfied. The system has paid for itself many times over.”
Mr. Jón Kristinsson, plant manager at Fóðurblandan feed plant, Reykjavik, Iceland.


Intelscan customer reference

“We produce 60.000 tons each year and we are very satisfied with the Intelscan system because it gives us the control to improve the quality of the feed pellets.“
Mike Swanson, owner, Kiev Atlantic, Ukraine.



“Measuring moisture content with Intelscan immediately improves our efficiency. Return on investment has been only 2 weeks.”
Mr. Stig Fagerli, Process Engineer, FKRA, Stavanger, Norway.


“The Intelscan sensor is installed after the Geelen dryer, and is performing exceptionally well. We are able to identify the section of the drying process that needs to be improved in order to secure a more uniform moisture content.”

Mr. Patrick Fernagut, factory manager, United Petfood, Belgium.


“With the Cimbria dryer, equipped with Intelscan on-line moisture measurement system, we are able to reduce moisture fluctuations. This enables us to increase pellet production by 25%”
Mr. Lars Gunnar Haug, dryer operator at Pemko trepellets, Norway.

“We prefer to use iScan microwave system instead of NIR technology for moisture measurement. We save on operation. The iScan is easy to use and anyone can operate it.”

Mr. Lars Bang, Factory Manager, Toms, Denmark.






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